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1342213230-syj.pngHello everyone and welcome to our website !

We have started producing Stealth Ink (also known as Magic Ink or Bawis) in the year 2006 in Czech Republic and so probably many of you already got the chance to try our unique product based on very progressive technology. For all the rest we are here to explain what the Stealth Ink is about. We are also aware of possible difficulties when purchasing our ink in some part of the world, therefore we provide a direct order option.

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So what`s so special about our ink and how does it work?

Obviously, it`s invisible ! Stealth Ink comes out as colorless liquid and looks just like pure water. The magic itself is in reaction with the UV rays. What does it mean? It means that when there`s no light the tag you leave remains colorless and perfectly invisible until the first touch of the sunshine. At direct sunshine the tags appears almost immediately so mind that. In the underground and such spots the Stealth Ink takes more time to appear and often won`t darken into as dark shades as on the direct sunshine. Nevertheless, the final shade should be dark brown, sometimes even black..

Many misunderstanding and false information about Stealth Ink can be found across the internet. But we also found one review that explains the usage and properties of Stealth Ink very truly and correctly so we decided to use it. Remember, this review was done by someone who has nothing to do with us so it can be guarantee of truth for you.. Check it out HERE!

Anyway, as you can see, the appearance of our ink really varies according to the weather conditions and surfaces you hit so the best you can do is to go out and try it yourself, work your way out to get the most of it.

Enjoy this whole new dimension of tagging !

Stealth Ink team