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I´ve seen a lot of discussion about this ´´ink´´ and i believe there is a lot of mis-information regarding it so i´ve decided to make a llittle review about the product since i´ve been using it a lot.

First of all let me clear some ´´myths´´ about this ´´ink´´:

Its like etch: FALSE, this is a mix of alchohol, water and some secret ingredient... which wont etch through nothing.

Great to write on windows: FALSE, this wont work on any surface that doesnt absorbe the ink so glass, clear plastic etc are a waste of time, absolutely nothing will happen.

Its more like a novelty item:: FALSE this is one of the illest graff items you could ever get, you just need to know where to apply it and how to use it proper.

Stains like a motherf...: TRUE, if you apply it to the correct surface it simply WONT come off with any solvent, the buff will have to sand the surface down and re-polish it, since this is a chemical and not an Ink, it cant be removed using the common solutions used by the buff.

Its way overpriced: DEPENDS... if you tag a lot and there are a lot of ´´hittable´´ spots in your town with this, it comes out real cheap, specially because it will take you forever to go through a bottle (the wet nib on your marker will suffice for at least 10 tags without having to press the nib down again), you can split the cost with one or two of your crew members/friends and you´ll be able to use a lot of this before you run out.

It comes out light brown: DEPENDS, if you hit a spot that doesnt get any sunlight like a subway station it will take a lot of time to get dark, like a few days and it will never be really deep dark brown like if you hit a spot that gets sunlight.

With that out of the way here are my thoughts about it and some ´on the streets´ insight about it...

If you hit a spot during the daytime dont expect to be all ninja and shit, it will become light brown immediatly and people will know you hit that spot, nevertheless if its a spot you´d hit with your regular ink/paint you can and should use this as an alternative.

The best usage is when you´re walking around at night and you hit as many spots as you can real quick and the tag will only start to show the next day, has happened to me more than a few times to see tags of mine that i completely forgot i did.

Some time ago i got a tag on one of the main subway stations in my city around 1pm, a few people saw me and completely looked at me like i was stupid doing that shit without any paint on my marker... the tag is still there.

Your marker nib will get a tone of orange/brown but the tags will remain clear, i use it on the molotow 411, for me its the best marker to carry around without a doubt.

Review was done by Vato (LisboaDesign) .. Thank you ..